Models and Services

18′ octagon “yurt” (single tree)

Customizable modules. This 18’ diameter octagon with the tree growing through the center and supporting the Treehouse. This model provides an excellent in tree experience with many customizable options without the need for redesign and expensive redesign and engineering for each structure. The base engineered structure made from a combination of wood, steel, cable and cloth reduces weight while providing a strong and stable base for the treehouse. By reducing weight a larger size with less impact to the tree is possible. The size is large enough to accommodate a queen size bed on any wall with available floor plans including a bathroom and kitchen. Each wall section of the octagon can be any one of the following: Opaque cloth, Framed door, Framed window, Clear window, full clear panel. These panels are also available with insulation to allow for 3-4 season use.

Single story

This is a 275 square foot area with the ability to have all the amenities of a studio apartment. We can add 1-2 60 square foot balconies which can either be open to the air with just a railing or be enclosed to add a more private sleeping area.
Two Story- This is a 465 square foot area with the ability to have all the amenities of a one bed room apartment. The second story is a loft covering ¾ of the main floor and accessed by a custom spiral stair case. There is the option with this to add several 60 square foot balconies either on the first floor and/or off of the second story.

Two tree

By incorporating two trees we are able to increase the square footage and the open usable space. These would have two trees growing though the treehouse and the trees can be between 15 and 30 feet apart. The structure and wall panel options are similar to the single tree with a variation in the length of wall between the trees.

12′ back yard platform

If you are looking for a back yard structure that is slightly smaller we provide that though our patented tree attached platform. This platform is available as a kit to either have us install or if you are moderately skilled to install yourself. It is a 12’ platform either an octagon or square and can have a variety of custom tops put on. From a simple railing or gazebo roof to a fully framed in and water proof structure. These platforms accommodate tree diameters between 12 and 60 inches and up to a 15 degree lean. Kit varieties: round/octagon, Square, half round half square (ideal for dual tree installs).

Fully Custom Designs

If you have a location and would like a fully custom treehouse we are happy to help. We will work with you to form the treehouse not just to your site and trees but also to the use you are looking to get from it. The sky is the limit and your imagination and budget the only limiters.