Frequently Asked Questions and Definitions

We meet with you to pinpoint the goals of your program and business and view your site to see what it can support. With this information we will lay out a course that will meet these goals while highlighting the natural features of your property.
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A Canopy Tour is a series of Zip Lines and Suspension Bridges strung from tree to tree creating a pathway through the canopy of a forest.
A Zip Line Tour is a series of Zip Lines and Suspension Bridges strung between man-made structures (ex. towers or poles) to create an elevated pathway.
A challenge course is a series of activities, either High or Low, designed to challenge an individual or a group.
A high ropes course is a series of challenging activities built on poles or trees several feet off the ground (typically 20-40 feet).
Low ropes courses consist of a series of obstacles designed to challenge groups and individuals to work together to accomplish a task.
A zip line is a gravity slide made of cable which you ride from one point to another while suspended by a trolley.
A big zip is a single zip line designed as an adrenaline rush.
A suspension bridge is a bridge made of cable and wood hung between two structures (i.e. trees, poles or towers). These typically vary in length from 25'-225'.
The length of an installation varies depending upon the scope and size of the course.
The Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) is a voluntary organization that publishes nationally recognized standards for building, operations, inspection and ethics for the Challenge Course, Canopy Tour and Zip Line industries. It also provides a venue for interaction and education with in the industry and hosts an annual conference in the United States.
The ACCT standards require an annual inspection of the course structure. This involves a qualified person going over your course and inspecting the structural elements and the design. To learn more about the ACCT standards visit where you can purchase a copy directly from the source.